Neighborhood Events Calendar

Just a head’s up in case you didn’t notice, but there’s a Neighborhood Events calendar on the sidebar of our website. The calendar not only includes official Mechanicsville Civic Association events like meetings, but it also includes filming notifications (and attachments) and any events we get from our partners and friends. Check it out at our website!

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Funding Opportunity from Annie E. Casey

The Annie E. Casey Foundation’s Atlanta Civic Site is seeking proposals for community-led workforce efforts to help residents in and around NPU-V develop their skills and secure well-paying jobs that align with their interests. We will award grants of up to $150,000 each to collaborative partnerships that pair resident engagement and leadership with strengths-based talent development, wraparound services and quality job placements.

The application deadline is 5 p.m. EDT on March 15, 2019. A pre-submission information session will be held on Feb. 12, 2019.

To learn more and download the RFP, please visit:

We hope you’ll join us in helping communities of color in Atlanta access the opportunities necessary for them to fully contribute to, and benefit from, the city’s growing economy.

City of Atlanta Code Enforcement Academy

Councilmember Sheperd, who chairs the Code Enforcement Commission and Sub-Committee wants to share with you the Flyer introducing the newly formed Code Enforcement Academy. The Academy will take place  in five sessions occurring every other week beginning March 16, 2019 and ending May, 11, 2019.  Participants will receive certificates at a graduation ceremony at the City of Atlanta.  Applications are open to all Atlanta Citizens. Councilmember is encouraging all  NPU Leaders to share this information with your community members. Our application committee will select from a cross section of the city bas there are only 50 slots open for our first class. We are hoping you have one or two person in mind to recommend for the inaugural class. If so please share the attached application with them. We will have a second session in the Fall 2019 and beginning in 2020 the Academy will have three sessions per year.

Purpose:  Implementation of a code enforcement training academy to empower City of Atlanta residents with knowledge surrounding code enforcement and the law through various departments.    “The City of Atlanta  Code Enforcement Academy”  program will provide participants with knowledge of core job functions through classroom instruction and  educate members of the community on organizational structure, premise violations, substandard structures, 3-1-1 overview and community partnerships.

For questions please call 404-546-4982 or email

Code Academy application

Southface-Care and Conserve Plumbing Repair Program

Southface Care and Conserve Plumbing Repair Program (CCPRP) will be speaking at our next meeting. Southface CCPRP offers plumbing and sewer repairs free of charge to City of Atlanta homeowners and they are looking for help identifying and reaching out to folks in need. For more information, please see the attachments below and click the following link:


History of Georgia Avenue

Our neighbors in Summerhill have a storied past. A number of Atlanta’s most renowned leaders, celebrities (think Super Bowl 53 & Gladys Knight) and athletes grew up there. Its story is a unique one, and its history provides a window to the way Atlanta was and perhaps, the way it will be. So, If you live here, are a long time or new resident, are thinking of living here or just interested in stories about historic Atlanta neighborhoods, you’ll want to check out

It’s a wonderfully done history of 20th century Summerhill by Dr. Marni Davis of GSU, with support and partnerships from myself, Annie E. Casey Foundation, Summerhill Neighborhood Development Corporation, Carter USA, Georgia State University, and the Atlanta History Center.

Learn more here:

Please have a look, share your thoughts and thank you! Public exhibition to follow—stay tuned!

Community Health Fair in Mechanicsville 2/23!

We wanted to invite you all out to the Community Health Fair in Mechanicsville! WestCare Georgia’s Youth Community Builders (@YouthCommunityBuilders on Instagram) is a youth leadership program in the Mechanicsville community that aims to service and support youth in NPU V! We will be at Dunbar Rec from 11 am to 3 pm next Saturday the 23rd!  Please share the flyer and if you share on social media, tag us! We really want the youth to feel their efforts to put the health fair together are supported by the community they are serving!

CHRIS180 Trauma Response Network Mixer

CHRIS180 will be having their first Trauma Response Network Mixer later this month. From their team:

Good afternoon team!

If I have not mentioned it yet I would like to say Happy New Year to you all and welcome to 2019! To start the year off, we thought that it would be fitting to have our first Trauma Response Network Mixer. This space will allow us to do a few things:

  1. Engage, network and build stronger community relationships
  2. Engage in self care practices and conversation
  3. Check the status of TRN Deployment and make appropriate modifications

We will be planning these events monthly to assess our progress and or regress and to make sure that everyone is up for the type of work that we engage in. I really look forward to seeing you all in the same place once again to catch up and have some real discussion on keeping NPU-V safe and keeping residents and community stakeholders in a healthy mental health space.

We also have our reoccurring Healing circles happening at Metropolitan library. I would love for you to possibly identify date to attend and bring someone with you to engage in some positive healing. With that said, we will meet o n February 27th at 530 pm at 656 sports Bar and Grill located at 656 Pryor St SW, Atlanta, GA 30312.

Big shots out to Major Murphy and Ms Luster for swinging through last month!!!

We will need RSVP so we can identify how much food to plan for. Again, I look forward to seeing everyone.