Some quick highlights from yesterday’s community meeting put on by Councilmember Winslow and the Department of Watershed Management.

• Construction will start again on both Windsor and Garibaldi Streets on Wednesday, August 10, 2016. Both projects will take about 5 weeks to complete and will begin on the RDA ends of both streets.
• The northern portion of Formwalt Street should be complete in a week and a half. The southern portion will take longer because of some utilities work that needs to be completed at the intersection of Bass and Formwalt Streets
• Designated parking will be on Garibaldi Street north of RDA. Off-duty APD officers will patrol the area and escort citizens home from 7PM through 7AM on weekdays, and for 24 hours on Saturday and Sunday.
• Contractors will handle garbage collection, picking up from homes and taking it to a designated pick up site for sanitation to grab.

I’ve attached images from a flyer that they handed out at the meeting. If you have any further questions, please contact the Department of Watershed Management Office of Communications and Community Relations at 404-546-3200.