Good morning everyone! I was able to attend yesterday’s meeting on the permeable pavers being installed throughout our community, and I went ahead and took some notes just in case you weren’t able to attend.

As most of you know, various portions of Formwalt, Garibaldi, Windsor, and Glenn Streets have been closed with very little communication or coordination with the community. This has been particularly chaotic because it’s happening concurrently with the housing development projects happening across our community. Some key takeaways:

• There has been zero trash pic- up on some streets for several weeks–the contractor is *supposed* to pick up trash and take it to designated locations for the City to pick up. This is the case for all streets affected by the construction, so please note that if your street will be paved in the future. The representative with the contractor in attendance said that any trash that hasn’t been picked up by contractors will be addressed and rectified today at the latest.
• Due to the poor coordination and significant disruption, Commissioner Powell is having crews halt work on Windsor and Garibaldi Streets until a) sufficient inter-agency coordinations have been completed (school bus pick up, MARTA routing, trash pick, timelines, etc.), and b) the work on Formwalt Street has been completed
• The work on Formwalt Street should be completed on or around August 20th, with excavation complete on or around August 13th and the installation of pavers occurring beginning on or around August 15th
• There will be another community meeting next Thursday, likely at the same place and time (more details to follow); we’re also working on having City representatives attend Monday’s Mechanicsville Civic Association meeting to provide additional updates.
• There’s also a concurrent sewer repair / installation project on Glenn Street which will be complete within a week.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Todd S. Hill, who is a director with the Office of Watershed Protection (Email:, Cell: 404-664-8879).

You can find more information about all of the projects here:…/southeast-atlanta-green-…/