Department of Public Works will be adding bicycle lanes along Whitehall Street on the north side of the neighborhood, going from Peachtree/Memorial/Cooper downtown (close to the jail) to where the street turns south and intersects with Ralph David Abernathy.

You can fine the proposed repaving plan here:

“The Department of Public Works is designing¬†the Whitehall Street Bicycle Installation Project. This project will extend along Whitehall Street from Ralph David Abernathy Boulevard to Memorial Drive/Peachtree Street. This project includes the conversion of a three-lane roadway to two-travel lanes and two-bike lanes between I-20 to Memorial Drive/Peachtree Street. Once completed it will also include buffered bike lanes with key turn lanes at intersections. Flexible posts will add protection for bicyclists, where possible. Council Districts 4 and 12 will be impacted.”