Atlanta Fair and Universoul Circus Coming to Mechanicsville

The Atlanta Fair will be back in the neighborhood from March 8 – April 21st. Also, Universoul Circus will be hosted in Mechanicsville going forward, beginning this month starting January 30th. The Grey lot where these are events are being held is owned by the Atlanta Fulton County Recreation Authority, which is an authority established jointly by the City of Atlanta and Fulton County. If you have concerns, now’s the time to start bringing them up:

Atlanta City Council District 4: Cleta Winslow
P: (404) 330-6047

Atlanta City Council Post 1 At Large: Michael Julian Bond
P: (404) 330-6770

Atlanta City Council Post 2 At Large: Matt Westmoreland
P: (404) 330-6302

Atlanta City Council Post 3 At Large: Andre Dickens
P: (404) 330-6041

Fulton County Commission District 5: Marvin Arrington Jr.
P: 404-613-0200

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