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My name is Kelsey Fritz, I am the Manager of Exhibition Planning and Concepts at the Atlanta History Center. Atlanta History Center is one of the premier history educational organizations in the Southeast, featuring a 150,000-square-foot museum, three historic houses, Kenan Research Center, the 1886 cyclorama The Battle of Atlanta, and other facilities on a 33-acres of interpretive gardens located on our campus in Atlanta.

We are currently exploring potential new topics for our exhibitions and are looking for community input. This brief survey below gauges interest in potential exhibit topics.

At the end of the survey there is also the option to opt in to receive invites to future virtual input sessions for those willing and interested in providing us more in depth feedback. These future sessions will allow for more in depth small group discussions and will be held virtually this spring.

All feedback we receive from the community helps us define the stories we can tell in our galleries and provides insight into how exhibitions at the History Center can meet the needs of the community.

The Atlanta History Center is trying to get broad community input at this stage in the process, so in addition to posting the survey on our social media sites, we are also reaching out to Metro Atlanta neighborhood groups to reach folks who might not be as familiar with our institution.

If you can, I would greatly appreciate you forwarding this email and survey to the Mechanicsville Neighborhood Association email list so that members of your community also have a chance to participate. I hope you are doing well and staying safe during this crazy time, and that I get a chance to speak with you at one of our virtual input sessions!

Here is the link to the survey.

Thanks so much,

Kelsey Fritz

Manager of Exhibition Planning and Concepts

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