Filming on Whitehall Street

Title of production: TALES
Production company name: Tales production LLC
Production type: TV / Series
Production Short synopsis: TV drama about a family that lives in an old southern style home based in New Orleans
Location Name: 555 White Hall
Prep Start:
Shoot start: 02/13/2019 08:30 AM
Shoot end: 02/14/2019 11:30 PM
Strike end:

Dear Area Residents,

TALES Production LLC will be filming scenes for an upcoming TV movie entitled, “Tales,” at 555 Whitehall St. Atlanta GA 30303. Filming is scheduled to start on Feb.14 -15, 2019. We will work completely on the business property. There will be trucks parked on Whitehall St for equipment. To ensure the safety of the public, cast and crewmembers, we have requested a permit and police presence from the City of Atlanta.

We are sensitive to the impact that filming can have on the daily operations of a residential/business district. Several off-duty City of Atlanta Police Officers will be onsite during our time at the location to ensure the successful flow of traffic through the area. All equipment and support trucks will be parked within our closure to avoid any unnecessary congestion. It is with these issues in mind that we approach the logistical needs of the production, so we can effectively work to minimize any inconveniences to those in the area.

On behalf of TALES Production LLC, I thank you for your patience and cooperation; it is greatly appreciated. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, you can reach me at the number or email address below.


Azia Mercez
(404) 449-5900

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