History of Georgia Avenue

Our neighbors in Summerhill have a storied past. A number of Atlanta’s most renowned leaders, celebrities (think Super Bowl 53 & Gladys Knight) and athletes grew up there. Its story is a unique one, and its history provides a window to the way Atlanta was and perhaps, the way it will be. So, If you live here, are a long time or new resident, are thinking of living here or just interested in stories about historic Atlanta neighborhoods, you’ll want to check out http://bit.ly/GeorgiaAveATL.

It’s a wonderfully done history of 20th century Summerhill by Dr. Marni Davis of GSU, with support and partnerships from myself, Annie E. Casey Foundation, Summerhill Neighborhood Development Corporation, Carter USA, Georgia State University, and the Atlanta History Center.

Learn more here: http://bit.ly/GeorgiaAveATL

Please have a look, share your thoughts and thank you! Public exhibition to follow—stay tuned!

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