Youth Community Builders Program Flyer

My name is Keith Hagood, a Prevention Specialist with Westcare GA. Our Youth Department host A Leadership Program called Youth Community Builders ( YCB), and would like children from our community to be a part of our 2nd cohort!

I have attached the flyers to help promote this group.

We are having an informational this Saturday at 11 am at Westcare.

The Goal of YCB is to empower youth to make a difference in themselves and their community! Our program is designed to engage, uplift, and support our youth to develop their brightest  potential while making the best choices.

The perks of our program include but are not limited:

  1. Dope Swag (YCB  Shirt)
  2. Community Service Hours ( needed for school)
  3. Amazing Cultural Experiences / travel/
  4. Entrepreneurial  Skills
  5. Technology Skills
  6. Employment Skills ( resume building, interview training)
  7. $$ Stipend  $$  for Program Completion
  8. And much more ………

We are looking for youth between the ages of 13-17 years of age to join our Leadership Program!

YCB Sign Up flyer
YCB new flyer

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