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Dunbar Elementary’s First 5K Walk/ Run for Education

Dear Partners and Friends of Dunbar:

We cordially invite you to participate in our first  5K Walk and Run. This event will raise money to provide quality educational programming for students at Paul L. Dunbar Elementary School. The event will be held on Saturday, September 22, 2018, at 8:00 a.m. Your sponsorship will help defray the cost of organizing the event. Funds received from sponsorships are used to register students and parents and provide complimentary drinks and snacks for each race participant. The Georgia Federation of Public Service Employees (FPSE) will sponsor the first 100 participants from each school.  Our sponsorship is intended to cover students and parents who may wish to participate, but are unable to afford the fee.  Each school is guaranteed to receive at least $3,000 to the extent they recruit 100 participants.  We will receive 100% of the registration funds that have been collected from staff, parents, and partners.  All checks should be made payable to the Atlanta Partners for Education (APFE).  Once all funds are reconciled by APS, they will be promptly forwarded to each school to be used at the school’s discretion for the benefit of their students.

Attached is the updated “Hold the Date” flyer for Paul L. Dunbar Elementary School’s 5K Educational Run.  The registration form is also attached.  Please share with the members of your company and community.

Flyer: dubbars-5k_flyer
Registration Form: dunbars-5k-registration-form-9-22-18

dunbar-run dunbars-5k-registration-form-9-22-18 dubbars-5k_flyer

New MARTA Bus Route #832 Begins August 18th


Upcoming Festivals in Mechanicsville

Please be aware that there are three festivals coming to the neighborhood over the next few months, all of which will be located at 787 Windsor.

The MCA board has formalized a request for these vendors to develop a community notification plan, provide parking passes for affected neighbors, and provide both monetary and in-kind contributions back to the community. Though the Red Bull event has already been approved, these next few neighborhood meetings will be critical for providing input about the events.

Please be aware of the following event dates:

Please ensure that your voices are heard! Our next meeting is this coming Monday. Look forward to seeing you all there!

Carter / Summerhill Development Job Opportunities

At their last update, Carter shared that this winter they’ll be hosting a community meeting on job opportunities for work associated with the residential, office, and retail that will be built on the Summerhill / Georgia State development site, and committed to work with tenants to source employees locally. If you know of any neighbors that are interested in earning a job with one of the new businesses, please send them this application link:

Filming on Glenn 7/9

July 9th – 5am through 11:30pm
570 Glenn St SW Atlanta, GA
Location description
570 Glenn St. SW Atlanta, GA 30312|Humphries|570 Glenn St SW Atlanta, GA 30312|
Shoot description
Interior & exterior scenes. Actors walk and talk. There is 1 establishing shot of the exterior of the film location, as well. There is potential drone filming over the film location. We will film at 2 locations in 1 day. We plan to be here 1/2 day from morning to early afternoon.
No of cast and crew 120
Emergency contact
Sean Kipe – 3233771385
Shoot type
Large scale unit with many technical vehicles
Public disturbance
Film equipment
Camera crane (including jib arm), Set dressing and scenery, Other, potential filming with drone
Traffic restrictions
Closure of a sidewalk, lane, or full street, Other, lane closure, changing out store sign of the film location
Special requests
Unit base
134 Forsyth St. SW Atlanta, GA 30303

Filming on Whitehall 6/28 – 6/30

Here’s another film shoot happening this week, occurring at the intersection of Whitehall, Metropolitan, and Wells. This will include overnight filming .

20th Century Fox will be filming at Pirkle Salvage Yard on Wells St and on Northside Dr. Our work is scheduled to take place on June 29th 7p-7a. We will set up on June 28th between 7a-7p and take down on June 30th between 7a-7p.

Our Special FX department will be using Squibs to simulate bullets hitting cars and actors, you may also hear simulated gunfire during our filming. We will be doing Stunt Driving work on Northside Dr.

We’ve requested the following closures from the City:

  • North Travel Lane Glenn St SW b/t Metropolitan Pkwy SW & Humphries St SW on 6/29 7a-7p
  • FULL STREET CLOSURE Glenn St SW b/t Metropolitan Pkwy Sw & Humphries St SW on 6/29 7p – 6/30 6a.
  • South Parking Lane of Wells St SW b/t Metropolitan Pkwy & Humphries St SW on 6/28-6/30 12a- 1159p
  • North lane Whitehall St SW b/t Tift St SW & Northside Dr SW on 6/28-6/30 7a-8p.
  • FULL STREET CLOSURE Whitehall St SW b/t Tift St SW & Northside Dr SW on 6/29 8p-6a
  • ITC (Intermittent Traffic Control) on Northside Dr SW b/t Wells St Sw & Whitehall St SW on 6/29 11p-6a

20th Century Fox is very sensitive to the impact that filming can have on a community. Off-duty City of Atlanta PD officers will be on site during this time to ensure the successful flow of traffic through the area. It is with these issues in mind that we approach the logistical needs of the production so we can effectively work to
minimize any inconveniences to those in the neighborhood.

On behalf of 20th Century Fox and Stuber Cast and Crew, thank you for your patience and cooperation; it is greatly appreciated. If you have any questions you can reach us at the production office 770-824-4567.


Sam Idelson
Key Assistant Location Manager

589 Wells St SW, Atlanta
Location description
Salvage Yard
Pirkle Recycling ||589 Wells St SW
Atlanta, GA 30312|

Shoot description
filming inside recycling yard
filming driving work on Northside dr
filming on Wells st
filming on whitehall st

No of cast and crew 80

Emergency contact
Sam Idelson – 443-926-3926

Shoot type
Large scale unit with many technical vehicles

Public disturbance
gunfire, driving stunts

Film equipment
Dolly and track, Camera crane (including jib arm), Cherry picker, Genie boom, Set dressing and scenery, Other

Traffic restrictions
Moving action vehicles on the street, Traffic control (e.g. temporary traffic holds), Lamps or cables on streets, Closure of a sidewalk, lane, or full street, Other

Special requests

Unit base
565 Northside Dr SW Atlanta, GA 30310

Out of hours
Filming overnight.


Film Shoot at Collier Metals on Tuesday (6/26)

Next Tuesday (6/26) there will be a film shoot off Windsor at Collier Metals (the railroad boundary between Mechanicsville and Pittsburgh on the south side of the neighborhood). They’ll be blocking off the run of Windsor between Bass and Doane. I’m not sure on the time of day, but they’ve been approved from 5am through 11:30pm. Somewhat related, but Mechanicsville Civic Association and NPU-V are working on a plan of action so that there’s more structure (and neighborhood benefit!) when these things come through in the future. More to follow there, but you can find more about this shoot below.

793 windsor st. sw

Location description
Collier Metals
793 Windsor St. SW
Atlanta, GA 30315|Windsor & Doane St SW|Collier Metals
793 Windsor St. SW
Atlanta, GA 30315|

No of cast and crew 120

Shoot description
This scene involves a stunt vehicle colliding with a fake wall/ fake pole. The actors escape. Actors impersonating a forensic team/ police detectives arrive to investigate.

Emergency contact
Travel Blake – 404-734-6513

Shoot type
Large scale unit with many technical vehicles

Public disturbance
This scene involves a rolling stunt vehicle colliding with a wall. There will be actors impersonating police detectives investigating the scene of the accident.

Film equipment
Dolly and track, Camera crane (including jib arm), Cherry picker, Scissor lift, Set dressing and scenery, Other

Traffic restrictions
Moving action vehicles on the street, Traffic control (e.g. temporary traffic holds), Pedestrian control (e.g. preventing pedestrians from walking into shot), Alteration of signage or street lamps, Lamps or cables on streets, Closure of a sidewalk, lane, or full street, Other, Full closure requested

Special requests
Music playback or noise disturbance, Use of Animals, Other, Potential use of police dogs

Unit base
793 Windsor st. SW Atlanta, GA 30315

Permit: permit-at04240
Closure notice: at04240-reslett-20180618204755
Map and Detour Routes: at04240-tmp-20180618211355



Whitehall Street Repaving (w/ added Bike Lanes)


Department of Public Works will be adding bicycle lanes along Whitehall Street on the north side of the neighborhood, going from Peachtree/Memorial/Cooper downtown (close to the jail) to where the street turns south and intersects with Ralph David Abernathy.

You can fine the proposed repaving plan here:

“The Department of Public Works is designing the Whitehall Street Bicycle Installation Project. This project will extend along Whitehall Street from Ralph David Abernathy Boulevard to Memorial Drive/Peachtree Street. This project includes the conversion of a three-lane roadway to two-travel lanes and two-bike lanes between I-20 to Memorial Drive/Peachtree Street. Once completed it will also include buffered bike lanes with key turn lanes at intersections. Flexible posts will add protection for bicyclists, where possible. Council Districts 4 and 12 will be impacted.”

New MARTA Route and Public Hearings

MARTA is hosting a series of public hearings discussing new and updated bus routes across the City of Atlanta. One of these routes, #832, will significantly impact connectivity for the neighborhood.

MARTA is also proposing slight changes to Route 49.

Below are the locations and times for the upcoming MARTA Public Hearings.This is a great opportunity to let MARTA know that you support the new route, which would help connect neighbors to West End, Grant Park, and East Atlanta. You can also find more information here.

Invest Atlanta Providing up to $30K for Home Repairs: Deadline 4/30 + More Resources

The deadline for Invest Atlanta’s owner-occupied rehab and repairs program is fast approaching. Amounts from $5k to $30k are available for home repairs, and the loans do not need to be repaid, unless the homeowner sells the property (and then they only need to repay the portion remaining. The deadline is on 4/30 and you can find out more information below:


Heritage Owner-Occupied Rehab Programs
Helping existing residents with critical home repairs


Program details, eligibility guidelines, and FAQs can be found here:



In addition, there are other programs that may be of help to other neighbors in need (h/t to neighbor Sara Riney for compiling these resources):
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