NPU-V Community Support/Cure Violence Atlanta

Hello everyone

The following Cure Violence staff have been assigned to the following communities. Cure Violence staff will be able to assist with identifying community hot spots, identifying drivers of violence, community events, community clean ups, etc… As mentioned in the meeting, Cure Violence staff are not law enforcement. Our job is to identify drivers of violence, interrupt violence and provide wrap around supports for individuals looking for a positive path to journey down. In our efforts to change social norms, we aim to aid in the communities efforts to make sure residents remain safe and secure through disseminating credible information and or resources for the community to continue to thrive. Staff will be available for support, information sharing and gathering in Civic Association meetings.

The following staff are as follows:

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Alfred L. Garner II. MSW
Director of Zone 3 Community Initiatives

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