Slides from ULI / mTAP Presentation to Mechanicsville Community

Early last month, the Urban Land Institution Center for Leadership’s mTAP participants delivered a presentation to the Mechanicsville community that included their findings and ideas about how the community could move forward in addressing some of our neighborhood’s challenges. Thank you so much to the presentation team for their hard work on this! It goes a long way to validating our organizing work and makes our advocacy stronger and more compelling as we work to build a better future for the Mechanicsville community.

You can find the slides from that presentation here:
mTAP 2020 – Atlantas Next Unicorn – Integrating Mechanicsville_compressed

Presentation synopsis:

ATLANTA’S NEXT UNICORN NEIGHBORHOOD: Integration of Mechanicsville

Mechanicsville sits in the shadow of downtown Atlanta. This neighborhood is in the NPU-V, one of the oldest neighborhoods within Atlanta and the mTAP team was requested to identify methods for revitalization. With a large study area for the scope and maneuvering the constraints of virtual interaction, the group targeted easily accessible community feedback to gauge prospects for Mechanicsville’s future. Expanding on the 2016 LCI Study and 2004 Mechanicsville Community Development Plan, the recommendations largely focused on enhancing leadership (Community Quarterbacks!), developing public-private partnerships, strategizing placemaking of streets ad edges, focusing on community wellness and strengthening the Cradle to College Education Pipeline.

Client: Senya Zaitsev, Sunny ETC; Tommy Cooper; and Jason Dozier

You can also find more information about the presentation, the mTAP program, and ULI here:

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